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In a world full of noise, and empty promises, the VIBE you give is more important than EVER. 

Armed with a deep passion for Cultures, Languages, and Human connections Our Consultancy is on a mission to Change the World, From the Inside-Out.

Through our 4 phase Communication process we guide you and your team in becoming online
Superstars® in your area and expertise.

Whether you are just starting your personal journey or are ready to level up your Business Vibes to attract Customers and Sales, we are ready to serve you at the highest level of integrity and connection.

You can start by taking one of our FREE Vibe-Optimization-Meters, we have both a Personal Vibe-O-Meter for your areas of life and a Business Vibe-O-Meter  to assess your Business Vibe Optimization Score

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Cosmic Sky

Everything is ENERGY and VIBRATION.
So what type of Vibes are you into? 
Do you feel the Energy and Love for life?

Hello there! Nevin Henriquez here, but you can call me Mr. Good Vibes.
I am a young & driven Communication Coach & Consultant, with over 7 years of experience helping Business and Organization Leaders become Superstars® online.

During my journey from Aruba to the Netherlands, I Discovered how much your Vibes determine your life!
I became obsessed with understanding why the principles of Energy and Vibration are so Crucial to
Becoming Magnetically Attractive.  Attracting your dream Job, Partner, House, and Life all start with your Vibes.


Book a FREE 30-Minute Vibe Assessment and out the KEY AREAS to focus on life to feel good, confident, and in Love with living. DISCLAIMER: You might feel the urge to quit your job and follow your dream Idea after our first session! I am especially here for you heart-centered entrepreneurs wanting to spread more love in the world 🧲️❤️️🌞


Master All your Levels of Communication


Our Services:
The Superstar® Vibe Framework

All superstars are powered From the Inside-Out.
Becoming a Superstar in your Area of Expertise is no different.
Our Coaching Programs are based off a 4 Phase framework to guide you step by step into building the
Life & Business of your Dreams

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Inner Communication: Communicating with Self
Outer Communication: Communicating with Others

Business Communication: Communicating your Offer
World Wide Web Communication: Communicating your Offer on the Internet

Are you feeling stuck in life & work? Want to reach your next level of living? Book a FREE Vibe-Assessment call today!

It's time you focus more focus on gratitude and growth so we can live healthier, wealthier, more fulfilling, passionate, and purposeful lives – and with time, help others to do the same.


Whether this means achieving your business or financial goals, reigniting your love relationship, or discovering who you really are, the Vibe-Assessment Call with Nevin Henriquez will help close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

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