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Einstein once said:
Everything is
ENERGY and VIBRATION, and Your Ability to Optimize your Energy and Vibes Determines Everything in Life.

Have you ever watched The Secret?

Or heard about the Law Of Attraction? 

To be honest, the first time I heard about these topics, I thought they all sounded like a bunch of made-up fairytales and made little practical sense.


It is until I found myself having to take radical life-transforming decisions and following my intuition to save myself from a deadly depression and addiction back in 2015, that I started to understand that you really become what you think.


In just 6 years since then, I have been able to completely rebuild my identity, complete my studies, start various businesses and travel all around the world, experiencing amazing people, foods, smells places, and faces.

In this process of Awakening and Personal Growth, I started to read books, watched thousands of videos on YouTube, and mastered various, digital,  business, and interpersonal skill sets.

I AM Nevin Lorenso Antionio Henriquez, born and raised in Aruba Dushi Tera.
I Live Highly-Connected to the infinite source of intelligence and energy, I call it Source, God, or The Universe.


I constantly strengthen my connection by actively optimizing my Emotional (Energy In Motion) vibrations.

OptimizeYourVibes is dedicated to supporting everyone passionate about their personal growth, spirituality, the creation and management of money, building businesses, sex & creative expression, interpersonal skills, marketing, and communication.


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I combine genuine love for people marketing, with unstoppable creativity, and the smartest systems on the market.

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Simple & Approachable Workflow

Imagine having everything you need to run your business in one powerful dashboard you can access either from your Laptop, Tablet, or Mobile phone. Sales calls, bookings, meetings, events, and orders were finally automated. Save time, effort, and money, while keeping you and your team more engaged with your core business.

We only work with Industry-Leading Software

We partnered up with Google to create the most compatible platform imaginable. Connect all your favorite apps, tools and automate countless of your processes. 
You no longer have to hop from program to program.Control everything from within your interconnected platform.


Attract More Customers

Easily track your Sales, Leads, and conversions while your powerful built-in CRM keeps track of all of your clients in one easy-to-use overview. A true leader makes decisions based on facts and figures. Unlike other systems, we offer the most visual reports available, empowering you to take the right actions, at the perfect time.

How it all started


I quit my job as snorkeling tour guide. 


Started My first Business


Received My First Paid Projects


Went All-In 
with my 


Our Happy Customers


Hear It from Our Customers

We are super happy with our new company branding, beautiful website, and all the great support Nevin gives our team. We are excited to be partnered up with him and can't wait to see what he thinks of next to help our organization.

Gina Maduro, President ABV Aruba


My favorite books for leveling up

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